Custom furnishing, hand-crafted from materials salvaged in Berlin.


How It Works

Upcycled furniture, hand-crafted from materials salvaged in Berlin.




Inspired by the beauty of imperfection, DIY culture and the Bauhaus movement, DANKOMADE combines Wabi-Sabi aesthetic, Lagom and hygge ideals with sustainabLE DESIGN and minimalism to create unique industrial furniture, spaces and decor.


Waste, material costs and other fabrication expenses are minimalized by gathering and upcycling discarded industrial materials into durable, robust items.

Hand tools, structural integrity and traditional construction methods are prioritized over powertools, weak prefab composites, cutting corners or disposable consumerism.

Signs of use are embraced: flaws, quirks, bubbles, irregularities, patina, rust, worn corners and edges are celebrated within wood, steel, brass, copper, gold, concrete, leather, bone, linen, glass and stone.

Like us, no two pieces are the same: each carries a unique history and ages with dignity, becoming more interesting as it earns new scars, wrinkles, character and experience.  



Got an idea for a custom project? See something here that you like? Want to ask a question about prices or shipping? Contact me directly to discuss, assess and get a quote.



After confirming the necessary details, I'll source materials and begin working on your project at my studio in Berlin, providing regular progress photos and project updates.



When complete, your custom project can be shipped assembled or disassembled, as you prefer. If you choose self-assembly, I’ll accompany you on Skype to assist.


All materials salvaged, found, scavenged, sourced or otherwise acquired in the city of Berlin, Germany


Project Variables


• Design, Material Sourcing and Fabrication time
• Transportation and Shipping costs/time
• Installation and/or Assembly time, tools and Instructions